Resilient Youth and Stronger Communities

In late 2017, the Nevada Alliance received a pilot grant from the Attorney General’s office to integrate the Positive Action curriculum as a cornerstone opioid prevention program at six Boys & Girls Club organizations. Positive Action is a U.S. Department of Justice accredited Best Practice substance abuse prevention program. Positive Action engages youth ages 6 to 18 years old in an evidenced-based drug resilience, character development, social and emotional learning and academic improvement curricula.

The Positive Action pilot initiative created new positions in Clubhouses to implement this targeted prevention program, employing dozens as Health and Life Skills Coordinators, Program Quality Directors and Teen Services Directors. In total, Club staff reached 4,886 children and teens with Positive Action over 12 months, more than double our originally stated goal of 2,000 young people. In addition, Clubs collectively engaged 1,300 adults and their families in community health forums. 

The effects of the program range from increased academic achievement to dramatic reductions in problem behaviors. These results have been replicated in diverse settings and feature the most rigorous efficacy study designs available.


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